Welcome to BossNote!


As a part of modern society we consume mass amounts of information. As time goes on, this trend will only increase.

A secretary that can sort documents and help you plan your day is increasingly valuable! Unfortunately, this isn't always possible due to the private nature of our personal information. This makes it necessary to employ Internet tools. There are hundreds of applications for different needs...

Internet tools tend to be divided into categories:

This makes it necessary to use several applications in order to run your business.

This disjointed nature of applications makes it difficult to search through all of our documents effectively.

For example, you can add the date and time to your note with the large text and it will turn into the event (that is displayed at the scheduled time with an alert). And of course, it is possible to attach files of all formats to any notes.

BossNote screens allow you to see the same information in various formats!

In the "Notepad" - your notes are sorted by modified date so the latest and most relevant notes will be on top, and the size of the screen depends only on your text volume.

In the "Calendar" - your notes are based strictly on the time line, the notes are based on date of creation, and the events are based on date of approach. Size and relative positioning of events on the screen allow you to instantly assess the workload of the day. If needed you can simply drag an event to another date or time.

In the "Diary" all notes for the day are displayed. This makes it very convenient to estimate the time and the "structure" of the day, adding new events to intervals of free time.

BossNote utilizes сloud storage. You only need to register your account for the instant synchronization between web client and your device!

You can take a picture on your smartphone and view it immediately on your laptop. You can send a document to your browser, and see it on your tablet.