Bossnote license and usage agreement.

Before using the program, please carefully read the following terms and conditions of the license agreement. Any use of the program implies full and unconditional acceptance of its terms.

If you do not accept the license agreement in full, you cannot use the program for any purpose.

  1. General provisions
    1. This License Agreement establishes the terms of use of «BossNote», including a computer program, application for smartphones and tablet computers. This agreement is between any person using the Program ("User") and Ruslan Shigabutdinov, who is the exclusive owner of the Program Rights ("Copyright Holder").
    2. By copying the Program, installing it on your personal computer or any device (tablet or smartphone) or using the Program in any way, the user fully and unconditionally agrees with all the terms of the License.
    3. Use of the Software is permitted only under the conditions of this License Agreement. If the user does not accept the License Agreement in full, he or she may not use the Program for any purpose. Usage of the Program without fulfillment of any of the terms of the License Agreement is prohibited and entails civil, and administrative or criminal liability.
    4. Use of the Software according to the terms of this Agreement for personal and non-commercial purposes is free, except in cases of excess amounts of data stored on the server. In this case the user will be notified in advance and given an option to remove unused data or pay for an additional space.
    5. This License Agreement and all the terms and conditions regarding the use of the Program are subject to the applicable law of the Russian Federation and any claims or lawsuits related to this Agreement or use of the Program must be submitted and reviewed by Civil Courts in the jurisdiction of the Copyright Holder.
    6. The Rightholder will provide users with the translation of this License Agreement from Russian into other languages, but in case of legal contradictions in the terms of the License Agreement, the Russian version of the License Agreement exclusively has the legal power.

  2. Program Rights
    1. The exclusive program rights are owned by the copyright holder.

  3. User Rights
    1. Under a simple (non-exclusive) license the legal owner provides users with non-transferable rights to use the Program worldwide in the following ways:
      1. Use the Program according to its functional purpose, perform installation on user’s personal computers and other devices (smartphones, tablets).
      2. Use and distribute the Program for non-commercial purposes (free of charge).
      3. Receive technical support.

  4. Limitations
    1. Except for terms of usage described in the License Agreement according to the laws of the Russian Federation, the User may not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or perform other actions with the source code of the Program with the purpose of obtaining information about the implementation of the algorithms used in the program, to create derivative works using the Program, as well as to authorize other use of the Software, without a written consent from the Legal Owner.
    2. User has no right to reproduce and distribute the Software for commercial purposes (for a fee), including as part of software product collections without written consent from the Legal Owner.
    3. The program must be used under the name: «BossNote». The user may not change the name of the Program, edit and / or delete a copyright notice or other indication to the Legal Owner.

  5. Terms of use of certain functions of the Program
    1. User hereby agrees to the implemented program function that automatically sends debugging information about errors to the Rightsholder for the sole purpose of improving the quality of products and services. The Rightholder guarantees that the nature of the information being sent is completely anonymous and contains no reference to the User. The data contains technical information about system errors and performance of the system.

  6. License Disclaimer
    1. The program is provided "AS IS" ("AS IS"), in accordance with the generally accepted principles in the international practice. This means that the Rightholder does not provide any warranty for the faults and uninterrupted work of other relevant programs and does not provide any other warranty not expressly stated in this License.
    2. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Rightholder shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any use or inability to use the program and/or damage to the user and/or third parties as a result of any use or non-use of the Program including possible errors or failures in the program.

  7. Updates / New Version of the Program
    1. This License Agreement shall apply to all future updates and new versions of the program. By agreeing to install the update or new version, the user accepts the terms of this License for updates and new versions of the Program if the upgrade or installation of a new version of the Software is not accompanied by other license agreement.

  8. Changes in the Terms and Conditions of this License
    1. This license agreement may be changed by the Rightholder in unilateral way. The changes in the conditions of the license agreement shall come into legal power from the date of publication, unless otherwise specified in the relevant publication.
    2. Any copyright infringement of the Service will result in civil, administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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